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How Safe Is

My Place

Take this free quiz to find out how safe your home is from burglary and how you can improve your home security to avoid becoming a victim of crime. How Safe Is My Place is an initiative of Neighbourhood Watch Victoria.

About the quiz

Almost one-third of residential burglaries occur without force. Many of these are opportunistic, with thieves gaining access through an unlocked door or window. Although crime is, on average, declining across Victoria, it still occurs.

There are some simple steps you can take to help protect your home and belongings, making it difficult for a lazy, opportunistic thief to enter your home and steal your property.

Based on the world-renowned Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles, How Safe Is My Place aims to get you thinking about your current home security and what you can do to protect your home, as well as providing advice and practical tips. After you finish, you will be emailed a report.

Keeping your home safe

From Acting Commander Sussan Thomas, Priority Communities Division, Victoria Police

“Residential burglaries and break-ins are a violation of privacy and security and are often opportunistic crimes. Victoria Police takes these crimes seriously and we are proud to support Neighbourhood Watch Victoria in the “How Safe Is My Place”  initiative. By completing an online quiz, Neighbourhood Watch Victoria will provide you with practical tips in improving your home security. It is a free service and doesn’t take much of your time, so why not jump on the website and give it a go.”

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