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A Victorian home is burgled every 24 minutes!*

Although crime on average is declining across Victoria, it still occurs. And, as we return to a new normal, our homes become even more vulnerable.

Almost one-third of residential burglaries occur without force and largely for opportunistic reasons. While some burglaries are unavoidable, there are ways in which you can keep your home and family secure, and deter lazy, opportunistic thieves.

*Statistics as of 2021.

Safeguard your home today

Use our free tools & resources to safeguard your home from burglary.

Experience it in AR

Learn what you can do to improve security in and around your home through our augmented reality experience.

✔️  Fun and interactive
✔️  Family friendly
✔️  Spot Rufus the dog
✔️  Learn about home security
✔️  Great tool for kids

Take a home security quiz

Discover vulnerabilities in and around your home with this 5 min quiz and get a detailed report on how to safeguard your home and family.

✔️  Quicker than ordering a coffee
✔️  Complete report on home security
✔️  Simple and actionable steps

Join our community

Neighbourhood watch members keep themselves and their communities safe.

✔️  Get safety tips
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Experience Augmented Reality

If you thought home security was a boring topic, you’re in for a surprise. How Safe Is My Place is an augmented reality experience that allows you to play the best game of ‘I spy’ from the comfort of your living room.

Play your way through the app and discover ways to secure your property. This fun, interactive app is a family friendly initiative designed to help make your home safer.

Or scan this QR Code with your smartphone or tablet.

Take the quiz

This 5min quiz will get you re-thinking home security in a completely different way.

Using the world-renowned Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles, the quiz will take you through a series of questions.

On completion, we will email you a full report that will help you make your home more secure and keep crooks at bay.

Are you ready to protect your home and family?

Our initiative

Unless you have or you know someone who has experienced the pain of a burglary, it’s unlikely that you would be actively thinking about home security beyond locks or CCTV. While those are great starting points, there are other vulnerabilities that can make us a target for opportunistic thieves.

At Neighbourhood Watch Victoria, our mission is to help you feel safer & more connected, wherever you may live. So, we launched the How Safe Is My Place initiative with the goal of getting you to evaluate your current home security status while having a little bit of fun.

We have created 3 simple ways in which you can learn more about security, get some simple and effective tips on safeguarding your home, and add value to your community while benefiting from their support.

Take this chance to deter lazy, opportunistic thieves from entering your home and steal your belongings.

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